Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dance Recital

Mimi and Grace have been taking dance lessons all year long and had their very first dance recitals last weekend. There is no way I am paying for dance photos of my girls, so I ran by the studio on the way to their performance and snapped a couple of quick pics :)
I felt so old watching them dance. I think because I had so many dance recitals in my youth.. it just seemed surreal to be in the audience watching my OWN children dance. I hope they both continue on with dance. It was such an important and joyous part of my childhood....

Sunday, May 8, 2011


We had two important milestones happen in the Poort Family last month. 1st... Macrae got his first stitches. Mimi and Mac were chasing each other and Mac feel and hit my mom's dresser on the corner of his eyeball. 3 stitches and lots 2 hours at Quickcare and he was a new man. I don't know who cried more me or him?!
2nd... we finally finally finally caved a bought a bigger car. It has changed my world. I LOVE our new car. I can't imagine my life without it. I have know idea how we shoved all three carseats in the back of our little wagon so long. The kids love it and I LOVE driving it. This is the stock photo. Ours is midnight blue and yes it has a third row :)


Grace's school hosts a great event every year called Foundation. It was started by a group of mom's 20 years ago to raise money for the school. Every year they raise thousands of dollars and sponsor a special project. One year they bought the library all new Mac computers, one year they redid the lockers, etc. Oscar and I decided that this was a really important cause. SO we dressed up and off we went. I LOVE IT WHEN I GET TO WEAR A NEW DRESS!! If only I would have won the free tuition raffle. Then my night would have been perfect.

Easter.. more

Of course the kids thought Easter was fantastic. We had a chat with the Easter Bunny. You see... I detest small toys. After having three small children who seem to leave small objects all throughout my home.. I decided to tell the Easter Bunny to just bring the kids each one great surprise. Well he didn't let them down. The kids have been playing with our iphones for almost 6 months. SO the fantastic Easter Bunny surprised them each with their very our LEAPSTER :) They were a big hit. We spent the day with family and friends.. eating.. talking.. and more eating. It was a wonderful day.


Easter was really special this year. Last year Oscar and I were really floundering spiritually. It was actually almost depressing. We didn't go to church which was SO weird for us. But this year we have found a new spiritual home and it was almost as if we too were celebrating a new birth. I love our St. Viator Parish. The Lenten Season was so wonderful because we were preparing for our baptism on Easter Vigil. We have been going to RCIA classes for almost a year: learning, growing, seeking... and it all came together on Easter Vigil when were baptized, confirmed and received our first Communion. I am so happy. Every time I walk into Mass my heart gets a little flutter. I am so grateful to have found this faith community and to feel truly at peace there.


I don't know where the time has gone. I have been trying to get on my blog and update it, but it just keeps getting put to the bottom of my to do list. So... tonight I am going to try to get caught up!
First up. The twins turned 3! I know! My babies are no longer babies. This was the first birthday that I have been kind of sad about. When I was in midst of baby/toddler heck I couldn't wait for them to be at this age. Now I am looking back and realizing that I will never have a sweet little baby to rock again and it makes me kind of sad. I am definitely at a point now where I would like to just freeze my three in time. I have been told many times that the elementary school years are the best and I can see why. The kids are riding bikes and swimming and we are going to dance and soccer and school..... I am really enjoying my children these days (of course that is when they aren't driving me absolutely crazy!)

Friday, February 25, 2011


Miss Mimi has definitely developed QUITE the personality over the last few months. She is honestly just like a chipette from one of the "Chipmunks" movies. She has this high pitched squeeky voice and she talks a mile a minute and NEVER stops talking. Mimi is always dancing around and singing. This child has SO much energy. She is like the energizer bunny. Around 6pm every night she just goes nuts.. she is pretty much bouncing off of the walls! She hates to go to bed. She can generally be found wandering around our dark house every night well after Mac and Grace have gone to bed. I don't think it is possible to not fall in love with the child. She is the kindest, sweetest little soul I have ever met. She can drive you crazy, because she never STOPS going...but she has the my endearing way about her...

the color purple
her "lady bug" red polka dot dress ( she can be found searching in her bedroom for this most every morning)
snuggling ( once she finally caves and wants to go to sleep)
painting her nails
to eat ( by far my best eater! This kid will pretty much eat anything!)

Yes.. this is my child asleep with a lolli pop in her mouth...